About Mud & Lotus

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Healthy rituals, solo or social

We created Mud & Lotus because we wanted to provide affordable self-care rituals for everyone. We also believe in the power of connection and wanted to contribute healthy social options to the Lawrence community. Mud & Lotus is a tranquil sanctuary to rest, relax and heal mind and body, as a solo experience, or with friends as a communal experience.  


Proud to be a part of the Lawrence, Kansas community

Mud & Lotus Owner, Shannon Spann Ryan

Mud & Lotus is a company founded by Shannon Spann Ryan, owner of the renowned Lawrence Acupuncture Integrative Health Clinic.

Shannon is a small-town Kansas native, who spent over a decade in California pursuing her passions (herbal medicine, adventure and hot springs) and her education (Chinese Medicine). In 2014, she returned home to bring holistic health care to her beloved Lawrence community. Since her return, it's been her wish to recreate the hot spring experiences she so cherished from her adventures in CA.

Learn more about Shannon’s expertise and her Lawrence Acupuncture services at lawrenceacupunture.com.


 Heat Bathing

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The Harmonizing Benefits of Heat Therapy


Heat bathing is a healing modality that can be traced back thousands of years in countless global cultures. From Native American sweat lodges to the volcanic hot springs in Japan and Korea, societies throughout time have harnessed the power of heat to optimize wellness, relax with loved ones, heal a myriad of illnesses, and even to go on spiritual journeys.

More recently, research has supported what these cultures have known to be true. Just a few of the studied benefits of sauna use as a form of heat bathing include:

Mud & Lotus: Benefits of Heat Therapy
  • Aiding the body in detoxification

  • Promoting relaxation and stress resilience

  • Increasing athletic endurance and recovery

  • Helping to build muscle and buffer muscle loss

  • Promoting cardiac health and linked to a lower risk of all-cause mortality

  • Increasing insulin sensitivity

  • Increasing cognitive function


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